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Baguio or the "City of Pines" is situated at one of the highest plateaus in Luzon. Founded in 1936, it has been a province-estate that is responsible for cultivating produces that only grow in cold temperature.



Baguio is by far the coldest place in the country, people often go here to rest and escape the urban heat without the usual activity of swimming.


There are a lot of parks in Baguio that could help stretch those sluggish bones and the sun would not even pose as a problem because it rarely seeps through the clouds of Baguio.


Doing yoga in Baguio is perfect after relaxing or exercising. People in Baguio are calm because of these healthy habits.

Eat Healthy

Baguio cuisines can surprise you, the local food can surprise you in a healthy way. Since Baguio produces a huge amount of vegetables, the first consumers of course, are its locals.

Meet Some Indigenous People

There are a lot of tribes in the northern part of Luzon, a lot of them are thriving in Baguio, Benguet. Some are modernized and some chose to stay with tradition, but all of which are socializing with everyone without problems.


If Sleepy Hollow is a place in the Philippines, it is Baguio. But less creepy and actually happy. Perhaps the Cullens have stayed here, secretly that is. The thick cloud bag and fog would conceal their sparkly skins.


Baguio Botanical Garden

This zoological and botanical garden is both a wonder and a haven for people who have a keen eye for plants.


Burnham Park

Perhaps the most famous park in Baguio, Benguet. This has been the scenery on a lot of Baguio postcards.There are restaurants where you could eat at here and then rent and ride a boat with your family for P 200.00.


University of the Philippine Baguio

Just like the main campus in Diliman, Quezon City. UP Baguio Campus is open for everyone.


Wright Park

This park is perfect for long walks, sprints, and jogging. The temperature makes it more challenging to breathe therefore making it ideal spots for people who want to stay fit amidst the bed-weather in Baguio.


The Old Diplomat Hotel

This is not for the weak hearts, Old Diplomat Hotel is proven to be haunted. This establishment has been around since 1911, it used to be a rest house, turned to school, then lastly a hotel. Few brave hearts visit this hotel, even spends some nights inside to experience the chilling sensation inside the haunted house.


Secret Garden

The restaurant is famous for its Italian cuisine, a favorite spot for tourists especially westerners.

50's Diner

This retro-themed diner serves probably the best American food in Baguio, this has been this way since the American soldiers took refuge in Benguet back in the World War II, when the Japanese invaded the Philippines..

Cafe by the Ruins

Cafe by the Ruins offer the best pastry and posh breakfast in the place, the ambiance is undeniably admirable and the food is just worthwhile.